Organized in 1972 by social worker, Cynthia Weir, Friends of Maternity & Infant Health Care Project (Friends of M & I), a volunteer organization, was established to meet the very basic needs of low-income mothers and infants who were receiving health care through the former Maternity & Infant Health Care Project and former Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.

While the names have changed, our mission remains the same. Since the early 1990’s, we are The MetroHealth Friends of Mothers and Infants (still Friends of M & I), serving clients of The MetroHealth Center for Community Health. We continue to provide a no fuss way of helping families, who receive their health care through the MetroHealth Center for Community Health, with basic essentials for their infants/children. We have always worked closely with The MetroHealth Center for Community Health social work staff to ensure client’s needs are assessed and referred to Friends of M & I in the most accurate and professional manner.

Friends of M & I take pride in providing new, quality products to families in need, so their infants/children are assisted during a vulnerable time of their lives. We have always felt a great responsibility to both donor and client. Friends of M & I have a long history as an effective organization because we are simple, direct, and carry out our mission in a caring, respectful and confidential manner.

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